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Berea, KZN
South Africa

The Bow Music Conference at the University of KwaZulu-Natal on 24 - 27 February 2016 is put together in consultation with southern African and international bow music researchers. Participation will include academics from a wide spectrum of indigenous musical arts, practitioners and cultural bearers of diverse bow music traditions in sub-Saharan and abroad.


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Piter Bedoian

Steve Jones

Piter Bedoian is Master of the Grupo Nzinga de Capoeira Angola ( where coordinates a branch in Tucuruvi, located in the North of São Paulo. He is member of the Orquestra N’zinga de Berimbaus, whose aim is to mix the Afro-Brazilian rhythms with berimbaus and percussion.

Mestre Cobra Mansa

Steve Jones

Mestre Cobra Mansa (Cinézio Peçanha) has been a Master of Capoeira Angola since 1986. He is one of the principal figures responsible for the revitalization of Capoeira Angola. In 1996, he founded the International Foundation of Capoeira Angola (FICA) in Washington DC, and participated as producer, consultant, and actor in diverse documentary films about capoeira. He is the co-director of the film Jogo de corpo: Capoeira and Ancestry (2014). He is currently pursuing doctoral studies in the multi- institutional and multidisciplinary program (DMMDC) at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.